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Federal Raids on Tribal Hemp Operation Raise Questions About True Effect of DOJ ‎Tribal Marijuana Memo

Posted in Legalization of Marijuana, Tribal Sovereignty, Tribal-State Relations
On October 23, 2015 federal DEA agents raided a Menominee ‎hemp grow destroying approximately 30,000 plants. While the Tribe is claiming that the plants were all industrial hemp containing less than 3% THC, the DEA alleges that the plants were in fact marijuana. The Tribe has promised to bring the matter to federal court. The… Continue Reading

Marijuana on Tribal Lands May Follow Suit with Gambling

Posted in Suquamish Marijuana Compact
An October 12 LexBlog article examines the possible implications of the federal government giving Native American Tribes the right to legalize, cultivate and distribute marijuana on their lands. We have seen the economic benefits provided by the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988 (IGRA), which is underscored by tribal gaming’s 116 percent revenue growth between… Continue Reading

DOJ Signals That Legalized Marijuana in Indian Country Will Get the Same Treatment as Other States

Posted in Legal Update
In a memo made public yesterday, the United States Department of Justice revealed that US Attorneys around the country have been instructed to treat any Indian Nation choosing to legalize marijuana consistent with the priorities DOJ previously outlined for all states in the August 2013 Cole Memorandum.  By treating Indian Country the same as states,… Continue Reading