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Breaking Barriers – Architect Johnpaul Jones (Cherokee/Choctaw) Awarded the National Medal of Humanities

Posted in Culture
This week, Architect Johnpaul Jones (Cherokee/Choctaw) received the National Medal of Humanities Medal from President Obama.  I was introduced to Mr. Jones by my colleague, Barbara Holland, and was struck by his humility and gracious spirit.  For those of you who are not familiar with his name, you will likely be familiar with his work.  He was lead … Continue Reading

Mis/Appropriated: Protecting Native American Cultural Heritage

Posted in Culture, Intellectual Property, Tribal Culture
There has been all the time, in the white American soul, a dual feeling about the Indian…The desire to extirpate [him]. And the contradictory desire to glorify him.  –D.H. Lawrence, Studies in Classic American Literature (1923) The tension observed by Lawrence (and present in some of his own works) has not been resolved. White America … Continue Reading

Lael “Echo-Hawk” v. Google+

Posted in Culture
“Lael Echo-Hawk” is not a real name…or so says the new social networking site operated by Google, known as Google+ (or G+). The most our modern education system teaches United States students about the history of the First People on this continent is Christopher Columbus, Squanto, Pocahontas, Thanksgiving (gobble gobble), Sacagawea, and Geronimo – then … Continue Reading